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IMA has 20 modern and well-equipped research laboratories, coordinated by teachers, for the development of dissertation and thesis works, in addition to basic research, projects and consultancy services. It also has a laboratory for experimental classes, a practical discipline taught in the Graduate Program, in the Nanotechnology Undergraduate course and in the Lato sensu, in addition to operational training. In the constitution of the laboratory infrastructure, the IMA also has 5 laboratories in common use for characterization, 3 of which are divided into: spectroscopic, thermal, rheological (LAPIN 1); microscopic, X-ray and porosimetry (LAPIN 2) and one of characterization by high and low fields nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and 2 technology laboratories, one for processing (LAPTEC 1) and the other for mechanical tests (LAPTEC 2). A new common-use laboratory was set up to house new equipment from teachers' research projects. The research laboratories in synthesis have, in addition to glassware, reactors with small equipment suitable for the usual chemical procedures.

Several equipment of the latest generation has been purchased and, among these, the main equipment that the IMA includes are listed below:


Automatic stirrer  Amperometer  Surface Area analyzer  Zeta potential and and particle size analyzer (3000HSA)  Zeta potential and and particle size analyzer (Nano series ZS) 
Thermo-dynamic mechanical analyzer (x2)  Thermogravimetric Analyzer (x5) Ultrasonic baths (x5)  Solvent Booster Preparative Pump (x2)  Vacuum pump with flange (x2) 
Differential scanning calorimeters (x2)  Centrifugues (x10)  Pontentiostat for Ionic conductivity  Pontentiostat for electrical conductivity  Gas chromatography equipment (x2) 
Gel Permeation chromatography (GPC) at low and high temperature (x3)  Dialysis equipment  Rigaku ,MINIFLEX X-ray diffractometer  Low angle X-ray diffractometer  Ultra Turrax (T10, T18 e T25) (x4) 
Durometers Brabender equipment with extruder  Spectrofluorometer  Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR)  Fourier transform infrared spectrometer and far Infrared 
Digital spectrophotometer (VIS) (x2)  Ultra-violet spectrophotometer (UV) (x3) UV-VIS spectrophotometer with external probe  Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer 300 MHz  Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer 23 MHz (x2) 
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer 45 MHz (peak-spin) Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer mqc 5 MHz Rotary evaporators (x10) Twin screw extruder (x2) Mini extruder (x4)
Filter Press Fluorometer TD-3100 Kiln for calcination with temperature control (up to 1200º C) Photo-reactor Injector machine
Mechanical testing machine for traction and analog compression (x2) Universal machine of digital mechanical testing (x2) Melt Flow Index machine (MFI) Equipment for Impact resistance (x2) Microcalorimeter
Optical microscope and stereomicroscope connected to image analyzer Optical microscopes (equipped with heating plate) Oil-Heated Cylinder Mixer Hamilton Beach Mixer  Ultrasonic Mixer (2 attachments)
Ultra-Turrax Mixer (x4) Analytical Mill Ball mill (x2) Knife mill (x2) Hand mill
Vapor pressure osmometer Screwdriver and accessories Potentiometer (selective electrodes for: surfactants, lead, copper, chloride, ammonia and sulfide) Presses (x10) Ultrasonic Processor (2 attachments)
Pilot reactor (100 L) Büchi reactors Refractometer Parallel Plates Rheometer - AR 2000 RS-600 Rheometer
Capillary Rheometer Oscillating disk rheometer Haake torque rheometer Spray-dryer Tensiometer
Brookfield Viscometer Capillary Viscometer      


About Us

IMA – Instituto de Macromoléculas Professora Eloisa Mano
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Cidade Universitária – Av. Horácio Macedo, 2.030
Centro de Tecnologia – Bloco J
CEP 21941-598 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil


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