Honorable mention

X Brazilian Congress / IV Pan American Congress on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry “DMA of polyester -based polyurethane elastomers of composite rodcket propellant containing different energetic plasticizer”; Lemos, M. F .; Bohn, M. A .; Mendes, L. C. São Paulo, April 2016.


  Honorable mention

Journey of artistic and cultural scientific initiation, UFRJ April 2009.


  Best Poster

Polychar 15, “Reactional Evaluation of Formation of PVP - Organophilic Montmorillonite Nanocomposites ”, Camila Braga Dornelas, Daniel Karl Resende, Mônica Preto, Lúcio Mendes Cabral, Maria Inês Bruno Tavares,Ailton de Souza Gomes, Búzios, RJ, 2007.

  Young Researcher

Polychar 15, “Characterization of high density polyethylene / silicate nanocomposite by low-field nuclear relaxation study ”, Tathiane C. Rodrigues, Ana Moreira, Victor Pitta and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, Buzios, RJ, 2007.


  Honorable mention

IX Brazilian Day of Magnetic Resonance, “NMR characterization of Amescla's natural resin”, Emerson Oliveira da Silva, Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, Eduardo Miguez and José de Souza Nogueira,
Recife, PE, 2006.


  First place

VIII Day of Magnetic Resonance, “Study of the gelatinization of starches extracted from tropical fruit seeds by NMR ”,Paula de Miranda Costa and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares,Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2004.


  Simão Mathias Medal

 Awarded to professor Eloisa Mano and granted by the Brazilian Chemical Society - SBQ in its 54th Annual Meeting,Poços de Caldas, MG.

   Gold Retort

Union of Chemists, Dr. Luís Cláudio Mendes.

   Honorable mention

2nd UFRJ Extension Congress, “Application of starches and oils extracted from tropical fruits in the food area”, Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, André Luis B. S. Bathista, Emerson Oliveira da Silva, José de Souza Nogueira and Nicolau Priante Filho,RJ, 2001.


   Rio de Janeiro City of Science and Technology Award

Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

   Grand Cross Decoration of the National Order of Scientific Merit

Brasilia DF

   Award granted by Engineering Properties and Structures Division (EPSDIV)

Central Florida Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Orlando, FL, USA.

  Honorable mention

VI Day of Magnetic Resonance, “Application of the nuclear magnetic resonance in the state of copolymers and terpolymers based on of alpha-methyl styrene ”, Regina Freitas Nogueira and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, Belo Horizonte,MG, 2000.


   Honorable mention

1st UFRJ Extension Congress, “Study of Asphalt Modified by polymer blends ”, Naira M. da Silva and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1999.

  Honorable mention

1st UFRJ Extension Congress, “Development of polymerization processes in a bench unit: Cooperation between IMA / UFRJ and CENPES / PETROBRAS” Elizabete F. Lucas and Ailton S. Gomes,Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1999.


   International Award of the Society of Polymer Science

Japan, SPSJ, Kyoto.

1st place

   National Chemistry Day Monograph Contest, “Chemistry: Perspectives for the 21st Century”


   1st Place - North Carolina Section of the American Society ACS Polymer Discussion Group

Poster Award, “13C CP / MAS Analysis of the Interaction between Phases in blends of Rubber with Asphalt ”, Naira M. Silva, E. O. Stejskal and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, North Carolina, USA, 1996.

   Honorable mention

North Carolina Section of the American Society ACS Polymer Discussion Group, Poster, Naira M. Silva, E. O. Stejskal and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares,North Carolina, USA, 1996.


  1st place

Day of Scientific Initiation of the VI Meeting Regional Chemistry, “Synthesis of Bigraft Copolymers via Macromonomer ”, Valéria G. da Rocha, Márcia C. V. Amorim, Clara M. F.Oliveira and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, Rio de Janeiro, 1995.


   Honorable mention

III Day of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance “Characterization of the EPDM / PPa system through NMR”, Naira Machado da Silva, Sonia M. Cabral de Menezes and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares,São Carlos, 1994.

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